SDF troops survey recent gains.
The latest news from Syria is that the entire town of Tabqa, where ISIS forces have been besieged for a month, has now been recaptured by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a US-stooge military formation composed of Kurdish and some Arab units. 

Following weeks of street fighting, in which scores of ISIS fighters were killed, the SDF now has control of the town, which is built alongside the great dam on the Euphrates. Some ISIS fighters, however, have disguised themselves as civilians and have infiltrated areas of the town resulting in sporadic clashes.

The remaining organized force of ISIS fighters has now retreated to the dam itself, where it is harder to bomb and shell them because of the danger of destroying the dam and thus releasing a flood of the water from the artificially-created Lake Assad. 

Waiting to blow?
Ironically, such a flood would surge towards the ISIS capital of Raqqah, which is only 15 miles downriver and wipe out ISIS defensive positions. Such a "Biblical" catastrophe would also cause a large loss of civilian lives. This is also why ISIS have fought so hard to keep control of the dam. As long as they hold the dam, the SDF dare not occupy Raqqah itself as ISIS could then wreak havoc on their enemies using the flood waters of Lake Assad. 

Expect the dam to be strongly attacked in the next couple of days with helicopter gunships and possibly napalm. 
ISIS have now been pushed into a small pocket holding the great dam.
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