Katie Hopkins, an outspoken commentator, who is sometimes called "The British Ann Coulter," has been fired from her popular talk show at London Broadcasting Company (LBC), after becoming the focus of a major moral signalling attempt by English people keen to show how tolerant they are of Muslims in the wake of being massacred by them yet again.

Ms. Hopkins became the subject of a witch hunt in London, which now has a Muslim mayor, after she tweeted "We need a final solution" in the aftermath of the Manchester bomb attack by Salman Abedi, a 23-year-old Muslim terrorist motivated by Muslim feels and using Muslim methods. 

Following the tweet, Hopkins was reported to police, with critics claiming that the phrase "final solution" is strongly associated with Hitler's "genocidal" policy towards the Jews, and that Hopkins' tweet was therefore a call for extermination of Muslims. 

Hopkins later deleted the Tweet and re-tweeted a new version of it with the phrase "true solution," implying that she had used the phrase "final solution" unwittingly. 

The tweet led to a concerted campaign targeting the London radio station and its advertisers. It also included threats by other media "talking heads" to boycott LBC until she was fired. Among those saying they would not appear on the station until she was dismissed were Cultural Marxist journalists Owen Jones and George Monbiot. 

Monbiot, no-platform enthusiast.
Ironically, Monbiot made his name campaigning for the rights of indigenous peoples. But clearly this concern does not extend to indigenous English people, who can be freely blown up by Muslim terrorists in their own land without a word of condemnation from those on the Left. 

However, firing Hopkins could prove to be costly for LBC as she was its most popular broadcaster. It is highly likely that she will take her audience with her. Rather than firing Hopkins, it could be said that LBC has merely fired a large part of its own audience. Let's see how the advertisers like that.

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