Will they finally Mossad the Assad? It looks like they'll try.
It must be a hard job being Israeli Housing and Construction Minister as you can only get your job done by kicking more pesky West Bank Palestinians off their land, something that is still a little hard to do while there are other Middle Eastern countries prepared to kick up a fuss about such ethnic cleansing. 

In this respect, the Syrian Arab Republic of President Bashar al-Assad has been a constant thorn in Israel's side, so it is no wonder that the Minister in question Yoav Gallant recently called for the outright assassination of the neighbouring head of state, who is slowly winning the Syrian civil war with the help of Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah. 

In a military conference held in Israel on Tuesday (16th May), Gallant called for the sudden, violent death of Assad due to some bad stuff he had apparently heard in the media plus the old "ovens" meme:
"The reality of the situation today in Syria, in which they are executing people, using chemical attacks against them, and the latest extreme measure -- burning their corpses, something which we haven’t seen in 70 years in this world -- we’re crossing a red line," Gallant said. "In my opinion, it’s time to eliminate Assad."
One wonders if this is going to start getting repeated until it also becomes a meme, so that people just say "meh" when it finally happens at US or Israeli hands. This is called the "normalization" of violence.

Gallant made no mention about eliminating the other more obvious perpetrators of violence in the Syrian war, such ISIS and Al-Nusra. Nope! None of them. Just President Assad, of course. How's that for a consistent position? 

This is possibly because Assad's removal would give Israel the chance to slice off more Arab land -- more of the West Bank perhaps or maybe some prime building land in the Golan Heights -- and engage in yet more expansionary "housing and construction," which just happens to be Gallant's responsibility. Funny how politics works, isn't it?

Gallent by name, not so gallant by nature.
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