Kim Jong-un, the fat kid in a Mao suit with the life-sized Thunderbirds play set, seems to have seen right through President Trump's bluster, and realized he is just another US "paper tiger," capable of talking the talk but not walking the walk. 

The North Korean dictator is continuing with his latest round of missile tests, aimed at giving the tiny, impoverished North East Asian country a "big league" nuclear capability.

One reason Kim is so emboldened is because of the recent election in South Korea of Moon Jae as President. Moon is a leftist who believes in being nice to North Korea. In Kim's estimation, his election has greatly diminished the chance of a hard-line hawkish response by the Trump administration, as it would be very hard to start an Asian WWIII without the cooperation of the South Koreans, the people who would stand to lose the most. 

This is essentially a green light by South Korean voters for more North Korean missile tests.

Kim's latest test sent a medium-range missile a distance of 435 miles into the Sea of Japan, which the Koreans call the "Sea of Korea." It splashed down only 60 miles away from Vladivostok, the base of the Russian Pacific fleet, which may or may not have been intentional. But either way, a guy who is not too worried about upsetting Putin can't be all that worried about President Trump.

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  1. Ha ha ha..good to see not everybody is dancing to America's tune.

  2. Un not stupid, he knows exactly what he's doing. This regime should have been dealt with back in 1953.

    Military action must be taken against this childish idiot & his associates and suffer the consequences in neighboring countries. There is no easy solution!
    SK residents are use to this potential scenario and prepared for whatever comes there way since 1953 truce with NK.

    If china & russia don't like it, then tough shit. Otherwise this regime will keep on keeping on and taunting SK, Japan & US with military threats forever...

    Tough decisions have to be made asap. Sooner the better this Korean peninsula can get it's act together and stop being a festering sore on the world.

  3. President Trump punked the fat moron big time!
    He said you got the talking part down Kim!
    Now stop talking like an old woman and try launching at us!
    So we can launch 1000 back!
    Kim goes firing duds over Japan, try attacking us you fat moron coward!