Honestly, things are looking pretty desperate in the UK right now. All the parties are complete shills for the globalist system. Yes, even UKIP, which hates the EU but loves the rest of the (Third) World. But don't worry about them. They are down at 4% in the opinion polls. 

The only restraint on this globalist consensus is the unconscious instincts of the British people themselves, who vaguely sense that mass immigration is not the great thing it's made out to be by their lying media. 

You can also forget the Lib Dems who are on around 10% in the polls. That leaves the same old "gruesome twosome" that have long dominated the UK on its merry decline, namely the Labour and the Tories. 

A few weeks ago it was supposed to be a walkover for Tory Prime Minister Theresa May, but since then the polls have narrowed and Labour, led by professional Leftist loony Jeremy Corbyn, seem to at least have a chance of getting a hung parliament. 

So, is there anything to choose between the two? Really not very much at all. I think the only difference is that, while both parties would basically scrap the UK borders, the Conservatives are slightly more worried that this would piss off their voting base. 

Labour, by contrast, think that what they lose with Joe Voter by spreading the nation's arse cheeks wide for mass immigration, they can make up by promising more national health spending (with money from the magic money tree). 

Theresa May: Apparently dragged through
a BREXIT hedge backwards.
So, the Tories are slightly more sensitive to the wishes of the voters here -- at least until they get elected, when they get the usual nod from their friends in the City to take the hinges off the immigration doors. 

Under Prime Minister May and her predecessor David Cameron, immigration has been running at over 500,000 a year, basically the replacement of the entire country's population in little over a lifetime and a half.

But, following the leaking of a secret Labour Party document, Labour look set to do even worse, which gives context to their rather abstract election slogan, "For the Many, not the Few." 

The document, believed to have been written by Corbyn’s immigration policy advisor Lachlan Stuart, shows that Labour is considering bringing back a previously scrapped visa scheme called "tier three entry" that would allow unskilled labourers to flood the UK Labour market after Brexit.

This would of course depress the wages of the party's target working class voters and inevitably swell the welfare budget, as the incomers found they could live just as well by not doing the shitty jobs they were originally brought in to do.

The leaked document said: 
"We envisage a requirement to make continued use of the current five-tiered visa system, including the currently unused tier applicable to those seeking low-skilled, unskilled or seasonal work. The numbers might go up or down but not as a consequence of these changes. We are not setting false, misleading, divisive targets."
That basically means, "let 'em all in plus we get to morally signal about how wide our immigration arse cheeks are."
Mrs May's mass immigration plans are to use slightly more lube, and to insert the giant dildo of mass immigration up the nation's back passage rather more discretely, under the sheets of failed election promises while whimpering about "making sure our economy continues to attract the brightest and best workers it needs, blah, blah, blah."
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  1. Britain is run by dark-side (illuminist/fabian) Masonry no matter which side has the official power. Read John Robisons book on what happened to Masonry. No theory there, just fact.