I don't know what it is with racist newspapers like the Guardian and hate-filled organizations like the United Nations, but they just seem to love presenting the most negative picture possible of Africa and its delightful people.

Take the recent case of Zaida Catalan, a true global humanitarian, a liberal Swedish woman of Chilean descent who finally achieved her long-running dream to be fully accepted and integrated into African culture and society.

The low-IQ, xenophobic Guardian with its narrow viewpoint attempts to present this touching tale in as negative a light as possible, larding its distorted account with as much loaded "hate speech" terminology as possible:
"American Michael Sharp, Swedish-Chilean dual national Zaida Catalán and their interpreter Betu Tshintela were kidnapped on 12 March while on a mission to the Kasai Central province, where rebels have intensified an anti-government insurgency in recent weeks that has left dozens dead on both sides. Their bodies were found two weeks later. “Our colleagues in the DRC [Democratic Republic of Congo] have seen the video and we are utterly horrified at what appears to be the killing of Michael Sharp and Zaida Catalán,” said UN human rights spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani...The film, narrated by a Congolese police spokesman, cuts midway through and the two are seen sitting on the ground and then shot. Catalán is subsequently beheaded."
What this crude account leaves out is the obvious fact that Miss Catalán was clearly being "harvested" for "muti" as she was already dead when the beheading occurred, meaning it was not done for the pleasure of killing. But of course we cannot expect the closeted Eurocentric racists at the Guardian, stewing in their White privilege, to even know what the word "muti" means as they are clearly totally ignorant of African culture.

Muti, as all truly enlightened people know, is a form of magical African medicine, in which human body parts have been known to feature. 

Just like organ donation in the West, these body parts are used to achieve loving cures for various ailments. This means that the body parts used in Muti are considered to have great "fetishistic" power, so it is actually a great honour for one's body parts to be regarded in this way. 

For example, a lame person might use a muti talisman made from the foot of someone who was good at running, or an impotent man a muti talisman made from the sexual appendage of a well-endowed individual. 

We can only speculate as to what purpose Miss Catalán's severed head was put to, although possibly it was used to augment intelligence or, given her fair complexion, enhance the beauty of one of the local African ladies. Think of her like a jar of cold cream.

Whichever it was, her conversion into muti shows that she was fully accepted, respected, and integrated into African society. As a liberal Swedish woman this would undoubtedly be regarded by her as an enormous honour.

This in turn calls into question the Guardian's whole twisted narrative that she was "kidnapped" and murdered, as well as the UN interpretation of her death as "horrifying." 

Speaking of "horrifying," I think we should be more horrified by the endemic racism that casts aspersions like this on the rich culture and medical practices of our African brothers and sisters.

Proof that Muti works.

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