Vote for the gay pill popper who loves Muslims or stay at home or, better still, vote for Le Pen?
Today is election day in France, and already it seems that something is happening. In the wake of the Macron email leaks, turnout has slumped, as former Macron voters decide today will be a great day to put up those shelves or visit the in-laws after. all. 

Low turnout is widely acknowledged to be a bad sign for Macron, who is counting on the tepid and unenthusiastic support of uninformed Normies to push him over the top. These are exactly the kind of people who stay home when turnout drops, compared to the die-hard supporters of Marine Le Pen. 

By midday 28.23% of voters had turned out so far. This compares with 30.66% in 2012 and 34.11% in 2007. 

A poll on Friday predicted a final turnout of 75%m but this was before Macron's email leaks. This should turn off more of his lukewarm support, but it could also raise turnout by persuading former Macron supporters and non-partisan voters to vote for Le Pen.
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