After doing well but losing in this month's Presidential election, Marine Le Pen of the Front National has apparently done a U-turn on one of her party's signature policies - French exit from the EU (FREXIT) and the restoration of the French Franc as the currency of France. 

As reported by the British Cuckservative Daily Telegraph:
Marine Le Pen is to abandon all plans to leave the European Union and restore the French franc, accepting that her high-risk strategy has proved a costly error for the party. The Front National’s leadership will hold a forum after the parliamentary elections next month to thrash out an entirely new policy. 'There will be no Frexit. We have taken note of what the French people told us,' said Bernard Monot, the party’s chief economic strategist. 'I continue to think that the euro is not technically viable but it makes no sense for us to keep insisting stubbornly. From now on our policy will be to renegotiate the EU treaties to give us more control over our budget and banking regulations.'
This is clearly a move motivated by the next month's French parliamentary elections. The French media and big business have succeeded in gaslighting the French public into believing that FREXIT would usher in a period of economic chaos. 

In the Presidential elections fought earlier this month, Le Pen was hit hard by the fears of French boomers who felt her FREXIT policy would hit their pensions. Although she did well with younger age groups, Le Pen was only able to get 20% of the over-65 vote to Macron's 80%. 

This change in policy may help the Front National to do better in the parliamentary elections, but it also shows that the party is prepared to compromise to a disturbing degree. 

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