Actually I think Morrissey has always been something of a fellow traveller with the Alt-Right. After all, this is the man who wrote the classic National Front Disco, so he could wail on about "England for the English" every night on tour. 

Essentially Mozzer is about as Alt-Right as any gay, Irish guy born in Manchester can be without getting kicked out of the jet-set. 

Following the terrorist bombing of his home town, however, he is dogwhistling even more clearly that he is "with us." Here he is on Facebook:
"Celebrating my birthday in Manchester as news of the Manchester Arena bomb broke. The anger is monumental. For what reason will this ever stop?Theresa May says such attacks "will not break us", but her own life is lived in a bullet-proof bubble, and she evidently does not need to identify any young people today in Manchester morgues. Also, "will not break us" means that the tragedy will not break her, or her policies on immigration. The young people of Manchester are already broken - thanks all the same, Theresa. Sadiq Khan says "London is united with Manchester", but he does not condemn Islamic State - who have claimed responsibility for the bomb. The Queen receives absurd praise for her 'strong words' against the attack, yet she does not cancel today's garden party at Buckingham Palace - for which no criticism is allowed in the Britain of free press. Manchester mayor Andy Burnham says the attack is the work of an "extremist". An extreme what? An extreme rabbit? In modern Britain everyone seems petrified to officially say what we all say in private. Politicians tell us they are unafraid, but they are never the victims. How easy to be unafraid when one is protected from the line of fire. The people have no such protections."
Well said Morrissey! And we on the Alt-Right likewise support you. So, readers go to Amazon now and buy some of his CDs. Here is a link to the ten albums Morrissey is most proud of.

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