NAACP out of touch with the street.
As Black Lives Matter (BLM) has risen, the old fogeys of Black advocacy, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has fallen. 

This suggests that the two left-wing racist groups are locked in a zero-sum struggle for the Black activist pie, the funds that it generates, and the activists it motivates, and right now it looks like BLM has the whip hand and is finally tanning the NAACP's suspiciously light-colored ass.

This problem has now at least been recognized by the NAACP, whose national board voted Friday (19th of May) to fire president, Cornell William Brooks, after only three years in the job. 

In those three years BLM has come up on the NAACP's blind side and overtaken it, grabbing the limelight with its more hysterical and violent tactics, leaving the NAACP to molder sadly in the shade. 

The NAACP, it should be remembered, has been performing even poorer than most NPOs perform. After all this is the same organization that appointed "White girl LARP-a-lot" Rachel Dolezal as a regional leader just because she got her hair permed and rubbed on some bottle tan.

This disaster reinforced the NAACP's image of being dominated by "high yellas" with Jewish leashes round their necks (the organization was founded and is still largely financed by Jewish liberals). 

Cornell plays right into that unfortunate image. Compared to this, BLM, despite the grubby fingerprints of George Soros being all over the project, looks a lot more "authentic" and "Black."

The NAACP national board also pledged a "systemwide refresh" aimed at "confronting" President Trump more vigorously.

It's a fair bet that Cornell will be replaced by a younger, angrier, and much blacker front man or even front woman, as the organization tries to strengthen its brand and up its radicalism quota in a head-to-head with BLM. 
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