When the mainstream media learned that someone in Portland had gone nuts, insulting a Muslim and then stabbing two Americans to death who came to her defence, they instantly fell for the bait and decided it must be a Trump-loving member of the Alt-Right. They immediately ran with the story -- as if they hadn't lost enough credibility over the last couple of years!

Bolstering them in this poor editorial decision was the guy's name -- Jeremy Joseph CHRISTIAN -- and pictures of him draped in an American flag at the "March for Free Speech" demonstration in Portland on April 29. It now seems he was simply using that guise to infiltrate the supporters of free speech in order to discredit them. This conclusion is strongly supported by the fact that he then gave several Hitler salutes.

But all this was lost on the mainstream media. No bothering to check beneath the surface. As usual, they followed the path of least resistance and just went with a simplistic, self-serving Leftist narrative with no connection to the facts. 

Now it appears that far from being Alt-Right or even Alt-Lite, or even vaguely conservative, the demented Portland stabber is just another hard-Leftist lunatic, who just happened to hate Muslims because he didn't get the memo about Leftists like himself allying with Muslims as a way to trigger patriotic Americans. Or maybe his Jewishness just got in the way

Whatever the reason, Christian, frequently posted pro-Bernie Sanders content on his social media accounts, as revealed by Here are some verified examples:
  • “Vote Bernie Sanders for president in 2016!!” 
  • “I refuse to vote for the candidate I hate the least when it’s all rigged for Clinton Mafia,” 
  • “Just to clarify a few things: “I nearby solemnly swear to Die trying to kill Hillary (herself a filthy Murderess) Clinton and Donald Trump should they be elected.”
  • “I feel the Bern!!!!”
  • “Got my OK to vote for Bernie on April 17. Bernie for president and Hillary for prison in 2016!!!”
  • “No Bernie. No Dice. Fuck American politics.”
Clearly this guy was "Berning" with rage when he went on the rampage. Perhaps we can call this the first case of Red Sharia. 
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