Out of the frying pan into the fire?
One of the most disturbing aspects of the tragic Manchester bombing attack is the persistent rumour that Muslim minicab drivers offered "free lifts" to survivors of the attack. Many of these would be dazed and confused, young, blond girls. 

To understand why this might be a problem you need to know about the phenomenon of "minicab rape." This is rape committed mainly by Muslim minicab drivers, who are attracted to the job because of the opportunities it brings to take advantage of drunk, drugged, or otherwise vulnerable White women on their way home after a night out. 

In London, for example, it was estimated last year that there are 22 minicab rapes a week. Check this article and check the names of the perpetrators.

Often the Asian minicab drivers are connected to the Asian grooming gangs, and play the initial role of identifying vulnerable White women who will later become victims. 

Also, check out this story about a young girl who was foolish enough to pop into a kebab shop to ask for directions, only to be raped repeatedly in every orifice, endlessly for hours. 

While the young girl may have been surprised, many others would not be. This is the kind of treatment that vulnerable young girls putting themselves at the mercy of gangs of Muslim men can expect, although they are nowhere warned about these dangers in our culture because that would be terribly "racist." 

Now, who could be more vulnerable than say a 14-or-15-year-old Ariana Grande fan, caught up in the chaos and panic of Monday's bombing, lost and dazed, and just desperate to get home to mummy and daddy? 

The fact that Muslim "taxi drivers" were then reported giving such girls lifts is therefore deeply disturbing, especially as there are no photos of these drivers, although there are photos of Sikh taxis drivers who did do this. One theory is the the Muslim taxi drivers reported to have done this had good reason not to show their faces.

But if, as the rumors allege, dozens of young girls are missing, presumed abducted by minicab drivers and Muslim grooming gangs, why hasn't this made it into the news and why aren't the police talking about it and appealing to the public for help?

The obvious answer is that Britain is no longer a free country, and that the authorities are imposing a news blackout on this narrative for cynical reasons of maintaining public order. 

Emotions are running high after the bomb attack, and news like this could spark off serious inter-racial violence and riots, and thus expose the myth that multiculturalism between native British and foreign Muslims can be made to work. 

What are a few more teenage rape victims in a country that went back to sleep after 1400 victims were reported just in the small town of Rotherham? 
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