Petrenko Afghene died a hero. The Russian intelligence captain had managed to infiltrate ISIS ranks, gathering vital information on the group and sending it back to the Kremlin before his capture and execution by ISIS. A video of the execution was released on the day when Russia celebrates its victory over Nazi Germany (May 9th).

Some might be surprised that a Russian could infiltrate ISIS. This is not as difficult as it sounds, as ISIS is about as multiracial and multi-ethnic as the famously diverse Nazi Waffen SS was. 

Around 30,000 foreign fighters have served with ISIS and other radical Islamic groups, including over 2,000 from Russia. So, diversity truly is their strength! 

Of course, many of the "Russians" serving with ISIS would be Chechens and other traditional Islamic minorities from inside Russia. We have no word on Afghene's exact ethnicity, although the name does have a non-ethnic-Russian sound to it.

How Afghene's cover was blown is not known, but ISIS is never merciful, especially when they have been badly hurt by an infiltrator. Afghene's fate was that of so many who have crossed the Islamic organization's path in the past -- a slow, painful beheading, carried out by a knife-wielding executioner, in this case one who spoke Russian.

Previously Afghene had infiltrated other jihadist groups in Syria, Turkey, and the Caucasus. While inside Islamic State ranks, his main task was to befriend the Chechen warlord Omar Al-Shishani, reportedly killed in action last year in Iraq. 

This execution shows that Russia is fully prepared to put its personnel in extreme danger to achieve its geopolitical goals, something that its Western rivals are less willing to do.
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  1. The man was certainly a hero and we will need many more like him if civilization is to survive