President Trump just fired James Comey as Director of the FBI. Even better he did it while Comey was addressing FBI employees in Los Angeles with TV screens visible in the background so that the news flashed up as Comey was speaking.

The official letter firing Comey was then delivered to F.B.I. Headquarters in Washington. Reports don't mention if it was carried in by a dwarf holding a silver tray, but that would have been a nice touch too.

Trump's letter thanked Comey for informing him that he was not under investigation for connections to Russia, part of the long-running Democrat kvetching that followed Hillary's surprise defeat, but then referred to Comey's ineffectiveness. This is thought to be a reference to Comey's failure to push for Hillary's prosecution over her many illegal activities.

Probably the real reason for firing Comey, however, is simply that he is an unreliable snake who can't be trusted by anyone, and Trump has someone more reliable in mind to take over the Bureau. Things will probably start to make more sense once we see who Trump has lined up as a replacement.

Liberals deleting all their old emails 
calling for Comey to be fired.
The firing is certainly good for triggering Shitlibs. They previously hated Comey because he actually had the cheek to investigate Hillary, but they changed their tune after Trump was elected. They hoped Comey would remain an "independent" thorn in Trump's side and dig up dirt on Trump's alleged Russian connections so that they wouldn't have to feel so bad about f**king up the election.

They are comparing Trump's firing of Comey to President Nixon’s infamous “Saturday Night Massacre,” in which Nixon purged the Justice Department in the middle of the Watergate investigation, which just shows how deluded and living in the past they are.
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