A tender snowflake by the name of (((Anna Jacobs))) applied for a job as an office administrator (paper shuffler) with an environmental services company. However, it appears that the HR department inadvertently attached the thoughts of the based-as-f**k hiring Manager along with her invitation to an interview. 

The hiring Manager assessment was withering:  
Home educated oddball. Can't get a job since leaving uni. Forages for mushrooms.’ and 'Difficult to assess from her CV - might be very good but equally could be a biscuit short of a packet or a left-wing loon tree hugger. 'Worth an interview if only for a laugh." 
We on the Alt Right know the type all too well and commend the company for the charitable view they took of the applicant, but we would also warn them of the dangers of employing someone with her perspectives and suggest they listen to Matt Forney’s recent podcast on “Ignore Thot Orders - episode 139” for further guidance.

Sadly the company replied to Ms Jacobs complaints that their ‘comments had been taken out of context’. We on the Alt Right would like to chastise the company for cucking and advise their HR Department to read Vox Day’s seminal work “SJWs always lie: Taking Down the Thought Police”.
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