Gang raped, tortured, and killed.
Try not to get angry as you read this. In fact make sure there are no weapons at hand before you start. Cool your rage to near freezing point and distill it to add to the great reservoir of cold rage that all of us are storing up for some future date. 

A beautiful 21-year-old South African girl was brutally raped and murdered after the car she was in -- given to her by her 91 year old grandmother -- was carjacked by four Black men. 

Perhaps the saddest part of this tale is that the victim, Hannah Cornelius, aged 21, a university student, was in the car with another Black man. Just the two of them, passing the time or something. Wonder what that was about?

Right now, with the Boers facing extinction in South Africa, the White race there needs every woman to do her biological duty by finding a White husband and having White children. What it doesn't need is for its women to have cozy chats with Black men alone in cars while other Black men close in for the kill.

The carjackers struck as "the couple" were off their guard, chatting in Cornelius's blue Volkswagen Golf near Stellenbosch University, a Leftist university that guilt trips young White female students into opening themselves up to "new experiences" in the "Rainbow nation," like being gang raped, tortured, and murdered.

No doubt Cornelius was happily chatting away, thinking she was just in a part of the "Global West" that had a few more dark-skinned people than usual. With her PC blinkers on, she would have been blind to the fact that she was instead on enemy territory, that of a resurgent brutal Africa that sees Whites either as conquerors or its hapless victims. It's clear which one Cornelius was going to be.

After overpowering Cornelius and her Black friend, Cheslin Marsh, the four attackers forced Marsh into the boot and pushed Cornelius into the back seat and drove off to have "some fun" with her, if you consider gang rape and torture "fun."

Let the Daily Mail take up the grim tale:

"The pair's belongings were stolen before the university students were taken to an undisclosed location and beaten with bricks. Marsh told police that he only survived by throwing himself over a wall to escape his captors. A witness who found Marsh told News24 that he was 'barefoot and covered in blood, completely disorientated and didn't know where he was'. Marsh suffered head injuries and a broken arm in the attack and is recovering in the hospital. Meanwhile, Cornelius's body was found at 8.30am on Saturday on a road about 10km (six miles) outside Stellenbosch. Police say she had been stabbed several times before being strangled. Her captors are also accused of raping her."
All Whites in South Africa have to be constantly on their guard or shit like this jumps out at them. 

This will be reported merely as a tragic crime, but it is a lot more than a mere crime problem. We will be told that the perpetrators have been caught and that's that. Actually it seems that two of the gang were in fact arrested, so it looks like the increasingly incompetent South African police got lucky. 

But that's not that. South Africa's Boers have to realize that they are in a virtual state of war, and that things are only ever going to get worse. Their only hope lies in the South African state collapsing in chaos. Only then will they have the opportunity to carve out a territory of their own, where they can live in racially conscious security. Instead, most Whites in South Africa will keep working hard to keep a system functioning that is slowly eradicating them.
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