Left: an ironic Alt-Right poster designed to trigger
Right: the original Nazi poster on which it is based
In order to win, the Alt-Right merely needs to show up. This is because, once we do, the triggering commences, and then everything thereafter is all about us and our issues. 

This miraculous power has been proved yet again by the state of moral panic that has broken out at South Africa's most prestigious university, Stellenbosch, following the appearance of some posters, put up by some clearly Alt-Right-influenced students, promoting something called the "Anglo-Afrikaner" student group, and calling on White students to attend a meeting on Thursday (11th May) to "Fight for Stellenbosch." The posters were issued in the name of "The New Right," a well-known code term for "The Alt Right."

With typical alt-right irony and trollish humour, the posters were loosely based on German posters from the 1930s. 

Based on a poster for the League of German Girls.
In a desperate attempt to push the ludicrous notion that race is NOT an issue at the university, the authorities immediately overreacted and ran round like headless chickens. In the process they reminded everyone that race is the ONLY issue in multiracial egalitarian societies, and one that swallows up everything else. 

The BBC reported the Orwellian overreaction (note the ominous-sounding "Equality Unit") :
"Stellenbosch University condemned 'racial superiority and any attempts to polarise' the campus, a spokesman said... In a statement, the university said it had so far identified three individuals who were allegedly linked to the 'totally unacceptable' and 'highly offensive' posters. Investigations, led by the university's Equality Unit, were continuing, it added. 'There seems to be deliberate mischief-making involved and, if that should be the case, disciplinary steps will be taken,' Vice-Chancellor Wim de Villiers said."
It is interesting to compare the hysteria that greets even mild, ironic use of National Socialist imagery with the total nonchalance that greets any Communist iconography. For example, here is an album cover by the rock group, Franz Ferdinand, and here is the Communist poster that inspired it. See any resemblance?

Nobody gets upset about this... Strange.
Although Communism was responsible for 100 million+ deaths in the 20th century, no university has so far moved to ban Franz Ferdinand or its posters from campus.
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