Dead, not dead.

It seems that people can be a little "precious" about their creations. I'm sure that when Wagner wrote "The Ride of Valkyries" he didn't know it was going to be used as theme music for a really cool helicopter gunship attack on a Vietnamese village in the movie "Apocalypse Now." Probably he would have been OK with that. The truth is that cultural artifacts, once they catch on, have a life of their own.

This is something that loser cartoonist Matt Furie doesn't seem to realize. Furie is the original creator of Pepe the Frog, a character that became viral and memetastic not because it was good or well-drawn -- it certianly wasn't -- but because it had a half-assed slacker vibe that appealed to the jaded cynicism of the passively aggressive PCed Millennial generation. 

Now, aghast at what Pepe has become, Furie has "officially" killed off his creation by releasing a one-page strip for publisher Fantagraphics Books, showing Pepe's funeral with the lovable green amphibian "asleep" in an open-top casket.

Furie, being the little f****t he is, was never happy with the unwitting success of his creation, and clearly had zero understanding of the several scientific laws of irony involved in the Pepe phenomenon. 

Being a liberal cuck, he didn't like that Pepe became associated with the meme warfare and healthy common sense ideas of the Alt-Right, and constantly kvetched about how his "baby" had fallen in with a bad crowd. 

There was even a doomed-from-the-start attempt to "reclaim" Pepe from the Alt-Right launched in conjunction with the ADL, who probably got some donation shekels out of some elderly Jewish folks with this otherwise pointless scam.

But the good news is that you cannot kill an idea whose time has come. Furie's churlish gesture is merely a final admission that Pepe has totally outgrown his creator and now belongs entirely to the Alt-Right.

Pepe is dead...Long Live Pepe!

"I'll be aroun' in the DANK. I'll be everywhere-wherever you look. Wherever there is a shitpost so trolly people can meme, I'll be there. Wherever there is a Facebook admin bannin' a guy, I'll be there...I'll be in the way kids laugh when they know they've triggered a normie or a cuck. An' when our folk build the future White ethnostate and build rockets to the stars—why, I'll be there."

"The Prayer of Jom Toad" from "The Frogs of Wrath" by "Pepe" Hemingway  

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