News that Black and ethnic minority voters won’t be supporting the Conservatives at the upcoming General Election will doubtless be disappointing news for those Cuckservatives that value ethnic food, mini cab drivers and cheap help. But, we on the Alt Right would like to point out that population replacement, crime, and civilisational collapse tilt the scales towards repatriation of said Black voters. Be that as it may we are gladdened to note that the Conservatives are firmly seen as the ‘White’ man’s Party. 

The views of Black and other ethnic minority voters were sought using a focus group carried out in conjunction with the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary University of London and was part of HuffPost UK’s Beyond Brexit series. Commenting on the results of the focus group Tim Bale, Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University of London, said: 
What really stands out – and it goes all the way back to the Tories in the sixties and seventies being tough on immigration but lukewarm on anti-discrimination - is that the Conservatives, even when Labour’s seen as a shambles, still can’t pass the sniff test with so many ethnic minority voters.”
The Tories were praised for their togetherness and unity – which was contrasted to the “chaos” of the Labour Party. However, none of the group believed the Tories spoke for them as they were not white and rich. One of the participants said:
To me the Conservative Party camouflage what they believe and what they think better than the Labour party.”
Despite misgivings over the state of the Labour Party, six of the eight said they would be backing them in the election on June 8 – with two saying they would abstain.

The results of the focus group suggest that no matter what the Conservatives do in the UK by way of placating ethnic minorities and advancing their agenda they will rarely if ever see their efforts rewarded with ethnic minority votes. 

This has many benefits to supporters of the Alt Right as the political Left will look increasingly more Black and alien to their white supporters. The conflict between competing groups for scarce resources and power within an ideological framework that states ‘whitey is always wrong’ will doubtless have electoral ramifications for the Left’s white core vote. And in an environment that becomes racially polarised it is perhaps almost accidental that the British Conservative Party will become the electoral repository for racially aware White voters. 

The sixty four thousand dollar question is what will the Conservative’s High Command do when presented with an opportunity to create a National Conservative platform that tilts towards white identity and nationalistic politics.
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