After more than 100 days in office Trump finally got a result by shitting all over Obama's crappy healthcare plan with an even shittier healthcare plan of his own (even if it was slipped into his pocket by Paul Ryan while he was having a nap).

Passing Congress with the almost united votes of the GOP, the new healthcare system has several differences from the Obamacare system it replaces. Few people seem to have a really clear idea of what these differences are, but in a nutshell Trump's plan favours boomers over hard-pressed Gen-Xers and Millennials. 

For example, the GOP healthcare bill will eliminate Obamacare taxes on wealthy individuals designed to generate healthcare subsidies for those with low incomes. 

This essentially means benefiting boomers at the expense of younger generations. Boomers have famously had it easy all their lives and have reaped massive rewards from long-term trends in the property and stock markets that have made most of them near millionaires. 

This move also reduces taxes on medical devices, health insurers, and drug companies, which will, of course, boost the stock portfolios of boomers heavily invested in those sectors.

Trumpcare -- or Ryancare if you prefer -- will also significantly curtail federal support for Medicaid, a system of insurance-free health care for poor Gen-Xers and Millennials working shitty shops or dropping out of the labour market. 

The new provisions will also allow boomer-dominated states to withhold Medicaid from those Gen-Xers and Millennials choosing a precarious life on welfare to the basement-level wages caused by Trump's refusal to build a f**king wall and deport 20+ million illegal workers. 

The new system also tempts hard-pressed Gen-Xers and Millennials into dropping out of the plan by removing the "individual mandate" for everyone to sign up, and then hits them with a 30% surcharge on their insurance premiums for the year once they go over the 63-day limit. Gen-Xers and Millennials are notoriously bad at time management issues.

Another change effects companies. Under Obamacare those with more than 50 employees were required to offer health insurance for their workers. This mainly effected Gen-X and Millennial workers, as Boomers were already insured up the ass. Trumpcare repeals this measure, yet again boosting boomer stock portfolios, while leaving Gen-Xers and Millennials to carry the can.

All in all, Trumpcare should be renamed "O-boomer Care," as this will be the demographic to benefit the most from Trump's first great legislative victory.

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