Note the glazed expression.

With this recent, extremely tasteless photo shoot, starring washed-up comedian Kathy Griffin and a large bloodied head representing President Donald Trump, most of the criticism has been directed at the 56-year-old Griffin. 

This is natural as she is still remotely a household name, at least in America. But it seems that the driving force here is not Griffin, who has since abjectly apologised, but rather the photo "artist" Tyler Shields, who specialises in hate-filled anti-American imagery, and "edgy" images of minor celebrities. 

Here is an image of his clearly promoting racial hatred:

Also, as this gossip article alleges, Tyler is rumoured to be a bi-sexual drug dealer, who uses his photo shoots as a cover for more nefarious activities. 

There is a lot of circumstantial evidence to support such allegations. It would explain a lot, as there is clearly something wrong with Shields own family background. This 2012 story describes his mother wandering around barefoot in a disoriented state, possibly under the influence of drugs, and as the saying goes, "The fruit doesn't fall too far from the tree."

Contrast Shields Trump photo with
his more beatific image of Adolf Hitler.
He has also been involved with Clint Eastwood's clearly deranged daughter, who has come off the rails in the way typical of Hollywood brats. She was even accused of breaking in the home she shared with Shields, after which she married some fat f**k for only a week, clearly under the influence of mind-altering substances. But what exactly was the role that Shields played in all this? One can only guess and listen to rumors, as smoke seldom manifests itself without the existing precondition of fire.

Shields is also known to have an unhealthy obsession with the most famous drug addict of all time, namely Adolf Hitler, who was notorious for taking speedballs, a dangerous mixture of cocaine and heroin. He even commemorated Hitler's life and tragic death in a heartfelt photo shoot that he claims took two years of his life to do.

Then there is the Trump photo shoot itself. Apart from the bleeding head that is a clear endorsement of the tactics used by ISIS to terrify its opponents, the most noticeable point is the "dead-eyed," glazed gaze of Griffin, the sort of gaze that is widely associated with drug addicts. 

Given the rumours and Shield's highly troubled background and dubious associates, it seems that emotionally needy, post-menopausal comedians like Griffin should not be allowed in his presence. 

Another Shields masterwork dealing with incontinence issues.
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