Flying red banners and rainbow flags, a weird Italian suicide cult thronged the streets of Milan on Saturday (20th May). 

Marching tens of thousands strong, the cult's brainwashed members chanted slogans like “No one is illegal” and “Without borders," and called for the entire Third World to be allowed access to Italy, a move that would in effect wipe Italy off the face of the Earth and reduce it to a series of warring Third World ghettos wallowing in extreme poverty.

Alt-Right psychologists have studied the phenomenon in the past and are unsure of the motivations of the participants. 

One school of thought is that they are merely brainwashed "sheeple" who could be cued to chant any slogan that their evil masters wished at the flick of a switch. 

Another theory is that, contrary to appearances, this is actually a form of implicit White identitarianism, as practically all the participants were White people keen to signal to each other how moral they were, and very few of them have actual plans to move to the kinds of communities in the Third World that their avowed policies would be likely to create in Italy itself.

Also in the running is the idea that this is a collective form of literal cucking, with the beta males involved and their sexually unfulfilled women looking for a collective "Black bull" to do the job, while they get off on the sordid spectacle.

Applying Occam's Razor however, the most parsimonious explanation is that these people simply hate themselves and life too -- on a collective level, of course -- and simply want to slip off into the Dark Night of Oblivion. As long as they don't take the rest of us with them, I see no problem with this.
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