Macron checks to see if his stash of granny porn has been hacked.
Another election, another massive hacking scandal. This time it's the French establishment's anointed "Hope and Change" candidate Emmanuel Macron, who may have to change his passwords after this incident.

The bare bones of the story is that hackers -- as yet unidentified -- found their way into the email accounts of his campaign team and dumped around 9.9 gigabytes of emails. This is a massive amount of data, comprising tens of thousands of emails and images, that will take weeks to go through. 

Wikileaks, who are checking the data, have confirmed that the leaked documents are so far all genuine. The Macron camp, while admitting the hack, are contending that "fake" documents have been mixed in with genuine documents, although they haven't given any examples so that independent authorities can test this thesis.

Already some interesting emails have been dug up, pointing to possible drug use by the candidate and his entourage, and there is plenty of evidence of financial dealings that already smell a bit funny, but these require more analysis. 

Some emails seem to show Macron using Bitcoin to purchase 3-MMC, a designer drug, popular among gays, and another that possibly shows a purchase of cocaine being ordered "for the boss."  

There are also many emails with people of dubious character and questionable interests, including a Lebanese arms dealer, and emails between a Saudi prince and former President Nicholas Sarkozy that were sent to Macron's team for some reason. 

Some of the documents also point to possible policy positions, including one that suggests eradicating France's many ghettos by forcing greater integration between French and non-French.

The timing of the leaked documents is troubling as the consensus is that the data drop came too late to influence the result of the election, with the last opinion polls before the pre-vote poll blackout still showing a BIG lead for Macron. 

Possibly the leak is designed to allow Macron to win but to so weaken him that he will be a kind of lame duck President from the beginning. But whose interests does this serve?

Another theory is that opinion polls have been completely faked in a attempt to "gaslight" French voters, but that the attempt failed so that the election was going to be "inexplicably" won by Marine Le Pen. It was therefore considered necessary to create a sudden reason for Le Pen's win and the failure of polls to predict it. Only time will tell the true story.
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