"Hey, Tanya, I'm over here!"
They seek him here, they seek him there, the SPLC seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven? — Is he in hell? That damned, elusive...Andrew Anglin.

After a month, the SPLC Lawyers representing Tanya Gersh have still to locate Andrew Anglin and serve him with their lawsuit.

So how did we get to this point you ask? What has he done? This is a good question as the whole matter seems like an inversion of the Law. Normally the Law exists to protect the innocent from the depredations of the wicked. However, in this case, Tanya Gersh, an estate agent with an alleged agenda, decided to shake down not Richard Spencer, an Alt Right leader, but Richard Spencer’s non-political mother. This prompted a reaction from the editor of The Daily Stormer Andrew Anglin, who called for a protest (which was cancelled) and a “troll storm” over Gersh’s alleged outrageous actions.

The SPLC and Ms Gersh perversely concluded with an acute lack of self awareness that Ms Gersh was the victim and Andrew Anglin the perpetrator of a terrible crime. We on the Alt Right, however, tend to see the matter differently and would like to point out that if Ms Gersh had not behaved in a certain way then none of what subsequently happened would have come to pass.

And lastly we would like to commend Andrew Anglin’s obvious mad skillz in being able to evade the SPLC’s finest investigators. One wonders if they will turn to the Simon Wiesenthal centre for help, or possibly Mossad?
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  1. This could be a Huge turning point, the e-mails from Tanya Gersh to Mrs.Spencer are out on the Internet, it will be so easy to prove she was shaking down an innocent woman.
    No threats of violence came from Andrew Anglin so it's gonna be a big win for Daily Stormer.

  2. Definitely this will be a big win for the Daily Stormer and for free speech. When I first heard about this "idea" of there being hate speech that needs to be censored, I was told, hate speech was devoid of intellectual content. Say what you will about the Daily Stormer but that it lacks intellectual content is not one. It is in fact a perfect storm of thought provoking and emotion stoking that leads to the sort of troll attacks that poor Mrs Gersh fell afoul of. Of course as Anglin wrote at the start of the attack, all Tanya had to do to stop the attack, was to say she was sorry for attempting to Jew-out Sherri Spencer of her property. I suppose if Zion cannot crush Anglin through the courts they will have to think of more extreme means. I certainly hope this battle will at least accomplish one thing here among the Alt-right: finally shut-up Anglin's critics who dismiss him as nothing more then a "Hollywood Nazi" Jew stooge. He may be low class and even wrong about many things but not a stooge. Go to the Daily Stormer to contribute to the defense fund. Anglin is going to need the shekels when they finally catch-up with him. We will all lose if the SPLC is able to shutdown the Daily Stormer because a female tribal shyster had her feelings hurt by having been collectively called out for her most likely criminal, but definitely un-neighborly, bad behavior.