The Dems were really placing their hopes in Jon Ossoff taking the 6th District in Georgia in the special Congressional election held there on Tuesday. Ossoff, who is only 30 and Jewish, was going to be the new golden boy of the Democrats, delivering the first electoral rebuff to Donald Trump and taking the fight to the President, with the Dems building up steam for next year's Congressional elections and then 2020.

In November last year, Trump won the historically Republican district by only 1%, suggesting it was moving to the Dems. Backing up this supposition was the fact that 60% of residents have a college degree -- apparently wasting 4 years of your life getting indoctrinated by Marxist professors tends to increase your likelihood of voting Democrat. Who knew?

The 6th District was where it was all going to kick off for the Democrats. That was worth outspending the Republicans by a Hillary-vs-Trump margin of 7-to-1 (a staggering $22 million versus only $3 million), making this the most expensive Congressional race in history.

But Ossoff lost, getting defeated by a chubby little Palin Conservative boomer, named Karen Handel, old enough to be his mother.
Liberal tears
So, what went wrong? Time to switch on the spin machine and dig out some face-saving reason for Ossoff's "heroic" and unexpected defeat. Looks like the Guardian found it:
"Sporadic downpours and flash flood warnings helped to put a damper on Democratic turnout in base precincts and on the hopes of progressives to thwart Republican efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Combined with an energized Republican base that kept Ossoff from accumulating a significant lead among early voters, it doomed the hopes of the anti-Trump activists who made the first time Democratic candidate a minor political celebrity."
Yes, that old enemy of democracy struck again -- precipitation, LOL. I guess Republican voters are just waterproof or something, or know how to use umbrellas.

Not only are Democrats and their campaign dollars underperforming, so is their post-election-defeat spin.

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  2. They spent 22 million on the election. Maybe they should have bought umbrellas.