Wow, I never realized vast multinational corporations cared so much about the environment! 

After President Trump honored one of his campaign promises and officially announced the United States would pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, the globalist elite, along with their liberal and leftist shills, immediately went mad on the airwaves and social media. 

In fact, it could be said that they "lost their shit" so badly -- and in such vast quantities -- that the methane content of the Earth's atmosphere must have shot up and triggered its own greenhouse effect. 

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors and Space X, denounced Trump's decision, and said he could no longer serve on the President’s business councils, probably because his heart was bleeding for all the little snowflakes that were melting somewhere. 

Other gimlet-eyed business tycoons were not far behind, with nearly all the big corporations letting it be known that the Paris Accord was the one thing that made their cold, money-making lives meaningful. Surprisingly this even included big oil companies, like Exxon Mobil, Chevron, BP, and Shell, who you would think would jump at the chance of saying, "Yeah, f**k you, tree huggers! (and China)."

We can understand blue-haired SJWs jumping at the chance to hyperventilate about something -- in fact anything -- because that's what they do, but it doesn't make sense that big business is on the same bandwagon.

After all, those guys are probably smart enough to know the "climate change" lobby has been peddling crank science for years, and that there is no empirical evidence of global warming. Also, even if the climate hysteria was justified, they are also smart enough to know that the Paris Accord would be about as much use in fixing "climate change" as a wet fart would be in putting out a forest fire.  

Trump has identified the real purpose of the Paris Accord, namely the transfer of wealth from poor people in the First World to rich people in the Third World. But, why would giant corporations be cool with this?

The answer is simple -- vast corporations thrive on the resulting regulation while also exploiting the system of transnational wealth redistribution in many ways. In fact, the more regulation there is the better these kinds of businesses do. This is because corporations, like the ones owned by Musk, are equipped with lawyers and experts to help them smoothly navigate the growing jungle of red tape and green bureaucracy, while smaller companies can't. They also know how to get their share of the public funds earmarked to push the "green agenda."

The Wall Street Journal recently estimated the astronomical cost of business regulations in the US as $1.6 trillion a year. These costs hit smaller businesses hard, and so help to concentrate economic power in the hands of the oligopoly of the vast corporations.

Trump, by striking down a vast amount of pointless regulation, through ditching the Paris Accord, has effectively changed the power balance, helping the small guy at the expense of the corporations. Jacksonian Republicanism, if you will.

It is no surprise, therefore, that the corporate media and the PR departments of global corporations have been attacking Trump and launching weak, hysterical memes like this one:

This really was weak, like the kind of memes CND was making in the 1950s. I feel bad for them, so I have decided to redesign it for them to at least give them a fighting chance. 

There, how's this? I'm sure they'll find this a lot better for their hysteria-evoking campaign.

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