In the future they will undoubtedly talk about Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer and synth pop the same way we now talk of Hitler and art school. 
"If only Richard Spencer had gotten a gig singing slightly pervy and ironic lyrics to a sparse synth backing then all this could have been avoided!"
But it's too late for that. The fates have already cast their dice and Destiny has pointed her finger. There is no going back on the course mapped out by the teleological spirit of Future History. 

The Rubicon has already been crossed. This was made more than evidently clear by the massive rally held the other day in Washington, where up to 300 members of the Alt-Right took over the center of Washington for a brief period in a foretaste of what is to come. 

But following the rally, in a nearby karaoke bar, top leaders of the Alt-Right and hangers-on were granted a glimpse of what might have been if only Spencer had been allowed to follow his other vocation to become a Gen-X synthpop singer. See for yourself...

The moves, the look, the chemistry with the crowd -- they are all there! The singing not so much...

It is clear from this that the pop world lost one of its brightest talents when kismet nudged Spencer away from the world of Alt-Rock towards the dank world of the Alt-Right. 

But following his rendition of Depeche Mode's ironically titled "Enjoy the Silence" Spencer has a new problem. His website has been so inundated with clicks from normie synthpop fans that it has been overwhelmed by traffic and has literally crashed. 

This is the kind of message that I have been getting for days now every time I click onto, clear evidence that the site has been overwhelmed by pop fans. 

Pop stardom may beckon, but, alas, Spencer is already set on his divinely ordained course of creating the Pan-European Ethnostate. 

Perhaps somewhere in an alternative universe, however, he is singing in his best Estuary English of the superfluity of words before a massive stadium audience of screaming teenagers (and their parents). We certainly hope so.

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  1. What a fake, lying, alcoholic, jew loving fag.

  2. Richard Spencer is to the Right of 99.9% of all people, but that is clearly not good enough for you. LOL