The tie to die for.
Michael Brown was a thug who basically got what he deserved, when he was shot trying to kill police officer Darren Wilson. 

One reason he turned out this way was clearly because of bad parenting. Now it seems bad parenting is being rewarded with a settlement between the City of Ferguson and Brown's parents that pays the latter $1.5 million

This money will of course come from the City's tax base, which will include those citizens -- Black and White -- who are able to pay taxes. As for the welfare free loaders who helped elect the city's administration that agreed to this dirty deal, they won't lose a thing, except there will be more pressure to cut other services. Maybe that will encourage some of them to move on elsewhere and maybe that is the intention of the still White mayor who recently got reelected but will obviously lose his job if the city keeps getting Blacker.

But the biggest piece of fallout from this is that it sends out a dangerous subliminal message to all Black parents: 
"Don't worry about not bringing up your kids right. If they get shot by cops, even if they fully deserve it, you could be in line for a big payday."
This isn't the first time that Brown's parents have been "rewarded" for their son's death. There were reports that they profiteered off merchandising at their son's funeral, and even fought an unsightly "turf war" with other relatives over the proceeds. They have also benefited from donations and payments from charities, sympathizers, and media organizations

I'm sure they have some normal regrets over the death of their son, but looking at how much of a money machine they have made it into, perhaps their biggest regret is that they don't have a second son to get himself killed in this extremely profitable way, but there are plenty of other Black families who do.
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  1. Love is the key, but at the same time, we must make a living and we also get distracted by minor things. GREAT article, loved loved loved it.