Hannah Goldberg attacked but by who?
Going by news reports in my favourite UK Jewish newspaper the Jewish Chronicle, attacks on Jews are rising in England, with police being criticized for not even bothering to respond. 

Probably too busy scraping terrorist victims off the floor somewhere, or arresting people for mean Twitter remarks.

But just who is doing the attacking remains unclear.

A Jewish family on a weekend trip to the Kent seaside were pelted with stones in an antisemitic attack by a gang of youths, forcing them to cut short their holiday and return to London. The two parents and their five daughters, aged between eight and 15 years old, from Stamford Hill, were attacked at Minster beach on the Isle of Sheppey on Sunday afternoon. Two boys and three girls aged 16 to 18 threw stones at the family shortly after 4pm, shouting “Jews” at them. The family called the police for assistance but Shomrim, the London-based Charedi volunteer security organisation, claimed Kent Police failed to dispatch officers to the beach, even though the attackers were still there."
And again:
Alexander Goldberg, the former chief executive of the London Jewish Forum and current Jewish chaplain at the University of Surrey, described how his 16-year-old daughter, Hannah, had been in Stoneyfields park in Edgware on May 27 with two friends. The girls, who were wearing what Mr Goldberg described as skirts which made them identifiably Jewish, were approached by a gang of youths. Miss Goldberg was subsequently called a “c**t” and told “Hitler should have killed all you Jews when he had the chance… you should have all been gassed”. When she and her friends attempted to walk away, a basketball was thrown at her head, cutting her and causing her to bleed. She was then kicked in the chest and punched in the face by two of the gang. The police were called by a passer-by, but despite the three Jewish girls waiting between for almost two hours, the police did not arrive at the park."
One of the problems with crime stories these days is that they almost never include pictures and descriptions of the perpetrators, so there is a tendency to lump them all in together. But the fact is that crimes have a distinct typology that is defined by who the perpetrators are. This includes anti-Semitic attacks.

Essentially there are three kinds of anti-Semitic attacks. 

Look out, Jews. He's coming to get you!
One kind would be Nazi-LARPers attempting in their small way to relive the (((Hollywood))) version of Nazi Germany. These kinds of attacks are extremely rare. This attack linked here is an example. The perpetrator was White of Irish background. In the UK people of Irish backgrounds are often sympathetic to Islamic causes. 

A second kind is the hoax, with Jews either imagining they have been attacked or simply lying about being attacked, even going to the trouble of faking evidence by vandalising their own property and sometimes -- but quite rarely -- injuring themselves. I could write a book on the various motivations, but suffice to say it's a great way to drum up sympathy and solidarity. These kinds of attacks are, in my estimate, the most common type. 

The third kind is perhaps the most interesting and this type is now becoming increasingly common and may soon be the most common. This is the "Black-on-White" or "Muslim-on-White" antisemitic attack, with Blacks or Muslims attacking what they see as "Whites" but using anti-Semitism both as a means of moralizing their violence and identifying suitably weak victims. 

Jews are widely regarded as (a) physically weak, (b) well off, and (c) morally suspect. Street criminals can therefore use an awareness of Jews to locate weak, profitable targets that they can feel good about attacking.

In a place like London, many Black street criminals are mixed or have mixed-race and White friends/ girlfriends. 

Using simple anti-White hatred to "moralize" their violence would be problematic. Only SJWs and certain American Blacks are capable of that degree of outright anti-White hatred. What can be said about Blacks in London can also be said about Muslims. 

The category of "Jew" allows both of these groups to attack what they see as a group of weak "White people" without any of the complications that direct anti-White hatred would involve.  

In the cases reported above, the races of the perpetrators are not mentioned. This alone points to the possibility that both the seaside attack and the park attack were by "vibrant youth," but what really gives it away in the case of the attack on Ms Goldberg is this line:
"When she and her friends attempted to walk away, a BASKETBALL was thrown at her head, cutting her and causing her to bleed. She was then kicked in the chest and punched in the face by two of the gang."

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