The envy and hatred in Bernie Sanders' evil message spilled out in a brutal act of violence today.

How much longer must America suffer from extremist left-wing violence? That was the question the media should have been asking but wasn't after another mentally unstable Bernie Bro went ballistic and tried to take out the GOP Congressional baseball team at a practice and training session in Alexandria, Virginia.

Crazed Bernie Sanders supporter and demented Boomer, James Hodgkinson 66, pumped up on the poisonous and socially divisive rhetoric of the Communist senator from Vermont, decided "fuck democracy, I'm just going to wipe out as many GOP Congressmen as I can."

Is nothing sacred?
He then waited for his victims, a group of elderly GOP politicians trying to keep their waistlines in check with the gentle American sport of baseball before opening fire with an assault rifle, firing as many as 100 shots before being heroically gunned down by brave police officers. 

When the smoke had cleared, Hodgkinson lay dead while five of his victims, including Rep. Steve Scalise, were taken to hospital badly injured. Scalise is reported to be in a critical condition and could die.

Hodgkinson is believed to have been inspired in his act of Leftist jihad by the emotive rhetoric of Sanders, his incendiary comments about minimum wages, and his dehumanization of hard-working successful tax payers, whom the followers of Sanders believe should be reduced to a condition of peon servitude to serve their masters in the welfare class. 

A Facebook account belonging to Hodgkinson is filled with anti-Republican and anti-Trump hatred, as well as fawning admiration for Sanders. Facebook have now deleted the page in a belated attempt to destroy the evidence.

On the page Hodgkinson poured out his bile against Donald Trump, writing, "you are Truly the Biggest A** Hole We Have Ever Had in the Oval Office". He also belonged to many terrorist-promoting Facebook groups with names like "Terminate the Republican Party" and "Donald Trump is not my President," which Facebook have not deleted yet, implying their endorsement of extreme political violence.
Hodgkinson, the face of Leftist evil.
This act of Bernie Bro madness follows the actions of
Jeremy Joseph Christian, the notorious Portland stabber who abused two women in conservative dress, who were riding on public transport, and then stabbed to death two members of the public who heroically white knighted for them.

Christian, whose social media was also full of Bernie slogans, was then mistakenly reported as a "White Supremacist." 

It is thought he was inspired in his act of madness by Sanders' evil rhetoric promoting the "sluttification" of women, which is seen as a precondition by Leftists for their ultimate goal of sharing wives in common.

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