A lot of Alt-Right people on Facebook and other social media platforms have been tricked into thinking this "cover photo" of National Geographic magazine is genuine, and have been sharing it as "evidence" of how much everyone in power hates White people, etc, in the process becoming "black-pilled." 

The image obviously appears to promote White Genocide by suggesting that rampant Black-male-on-White-female race mixing is not only good but also inevitable.

However, a quick check will reveal that the image is a total fake and is taken from some porn site and photoshopped. The date on the cover says May 2017, but a quick internet search will reveal the true image:

Unfortunately the true image, while more tasteful, is not very good either, as it shows the Jewish physicist Albert Einstein in a context that suggests he is synonymous with genius, and thus promotes the fake meme of Ashkenazi supremacy, when any objective study of the intellectual and scientific history of the West proves that the true genius race is the Scots, who are able to pull off this feat while still being incredibly manly and virile. 

All this and brains too.

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