Spearheaded by disgraced ex-Daily Mirror editor and failed talk show host, Piers Morgan, Britain's celebrities have taken to the airwaves to declare their love for Islam.

Morgan was particularly vocal in his support as he interviewed anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson on Good Morning Britain, a breakfast show that he co-presents with a number of other people. As Robinson held up a copy of the Koran, Morgan looked visibly triggered.

Sounding like a scared primary school teacher losing control of a class of 8-year-olds, Morgan scolded Robinson just for holding up the book:
"You wouldn't do that to the Bible. Show some respect. Put that down. Show some damn respect for people's religious beliefs. Put it down."
As Robinson ignored Morgan's schoolmarmish commands and started to quote Liberal Prime Minister William Gladstone and reference Britain's wartime leader Winston Churchill, Morgan responded by saying, "You're sounding like a bigotted lunatic," clearly implying that Morgan thinks Gladstone and Churchill, two of Britain's most respected Prime Ministers, are "bigotted lunatics."

Children's magic book writer and Twitter hag J.K Rowling used her considerable understanding of civilizational conflict to tweet the following:


She then wandered round one of her big houses looking at all the empty rooms that haven't yet been filled with Syrian refugees or homeless people from Grenfell Tower.

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  1. I have sympathy for what Tommy has endured and while his activism has value, he openly disavowed real British nationalists who want to save Britain and the West. Tommy rejects "racism" and other -isms and doesn't mind Muslims taking over Britain as long as they're not extreme. It's all a bunch of nonsense.