I hope you didn't waste hours of your life watching this snoozefest. It was some of the most boring TV ever. So much was expected by the Left. Here was James Comey, the ex-director of the FBI, the supposed "nemesis of Trump" come to dish the dirt that would lead to the long-awaited impeachment - hallelujah!  

Instead he came across as a mixture or timid and butthurt, with nothing but his injured pride to throw against President Trump. 

He told the Senate committee that he had informed Trump he was "NOT the subject of an open foreign counter-intelligence investigation." 

Referring to the president's claim that he was fired because he was incapable, he blurted out that Trump was telling "lies, plain and simple" and that his sacking was a "very big deal." Yes, the most important event in the history of the universe. Ever. No doubt about it. 

He also said there was no evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians, and no evidence that the Russians successfully altered any votes. This is practically admitting that his failure to drop the case was motivated by grubby political gain and "drama queen" syndrome. This more than justifies Trump's decision to sack him. 

So how is this going to play out in the following days, especially with the mainstream media clutching at straws? The signs are that the Trump-Russia narrative just lost a lot of steam.

While everyone is trying to spin the hearing in their own way, as ZeroHedge pointed out, the odds on Trump being impeached fell significantly.

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