British politics is starting to resemble Alice in Wonderland on acid, with an increasingly weird cast of freaky characters, absurd non sequitur story lines, and surreal twists and turns. 

For the time being things are relatively stable, with a cucked Conservative Party hanging on to power with the help of the DUP, and heading slowly but reluctantly for the Brexit exit. 

But chaos lies just beneath the surface...

The latest opinion poll makes sobering reading, placing extreme Leftist loony Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party 5 points ahead of Theresa "Dead PM Walking" May's cucked Conservatives. 

The Panelbase/Sunday Times poll, published on Monday (26th June) put Labour on 46% (up 5 points since the Election), the Cons on 41% (down 3) and the Lib Dems on 6% (down 2). Don't even ask about UKIP.

If an election were held with these figures, Labour would get a massive majority. There is no overstating how insane this all is, but this is the natural result of a political system that stifles smaller parties that people actually want to vote for and instead props up hollowed-out mega parties from Britain's pre-multicultural past that no longer make sense in a society split along racial and generational lines.
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  1. Absolutely amazing that Brits have to choose between May (a Giacommetti stick figure that presided over the invasion of the UK while she was at Home Affairs)and that loony Corbyn (when he wears his red tie he looks as substantial as a used tampon)! Talk about a vacuum.