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More than 30 years ago Stanley Goreraza was an air force pilot in the newly created state of Zimbabwe with a young South African wife. Unfortunately she caught the eye of "El Presidente," who in this case was the genocidal dictator Robert Mugabe. 

While Mugabe posted Goreraza as far away as possible -- in King David style -- he employed Gorezaza's wife, Grace, as his secretary and then his mistress, finally marrying her after destroying her marriage to Gorezaza. 

So, Stanley Goreraza is literally a "cuck" -- having his wife stolen from him, but the poor guy was up against a dictatorial psychopath, and we all know women find those kind of men irresistible. 

To his credit, Mugabe didn't have Gorezaza killed by his North Korean mercenaries and fed to the crocodiles, but instead gave him plush postings overseas in compensation for pinching his wife, such as military attache to China, etc.

But as Mugabe nears the end of his long, evil life -- he is now 93 -- Goreraza is finally prepared to spill the beans on "Comrade Bob" and the disaster that his rule of Zimbabwe has been. 
Stanley Gorzaza -- Based as f**k!

Writing on his Facebook page,
Gorezaza had nothing but criticism for the mess that Zimbabwe under Mugabe has become, and nothing but praise for the old White colonial state of Rhodesia:
Zimbabwe was built by Rhodesians, with virtually every significant landmark the work of the former minority rulers. Most of what stands in Zimbabwe today was inherited from Rhodesia including locomotives and street lighting."

Rhodesia is not dead. Rhodesia is very much alive and it is what has kept Zimbabwe alive. The National Railways is Rhodesian. Roads and road networks are mostly Rhodesian. Harare CBD (Central Business District) is 95% Rhodesian. There is very little of Zimbabwe, in Zimbabwe, and so much of Rhodesia. Without Rhodesia Harare would probably be a bush with a network of footpaths."

Zimbabwe has produced defected and disfigured things like Epworth. All over Harare much worse settlements than Epworth are growing as undeveloped land is parcelled to very poor people without the means to build standard structures. 
Zimbabwe is actually going back to Pre-Rhodesian times. What the Rhodesians built, Zimbabweans can't even repair. Roads are an eye sore that make driving a rodeo ride. Drinking tap water is dangerous and much more harmful to health than say alcohol."

Rhodesians looked at Rhodesia and worked on Rhodesia. Zimbabweans look at themselves and work on themselves. Rhodesians earned money and Zimbabweans make money. Most of what was bought and sold in Rhodesia was made in Rhodesia. Most of what is bought and sold in Zimbabwe was made outside Zimbabwe. Rhodesia sold and Zimbabwe buys. Rhodesia was a producer. Zimbabwe is a consumer."

The plenty of bread Rhodesia left in the basket, Zimbabwe ate all of it leaving the basket empty and not even bothering to make so more bread. We cannot make bread because the ovens have been broken down and the wheat feilds grow nothing but weeds. So we now buy bread that we used to make and sell in abundance. We buy bread that is not even enough for us all when we used to make plenty that we gave some to our neighbours."
Speaking truth to power and endangering his life in the process, Stanley Goreraza is a truly brave man who deserves the title of "Based Black Guy." In fact nobody deserves it better. 

More and more Africans realize that life was better under White rule. Let's hope that when Mugabe goes to Hell, this guy steps into his shoes as President, and starts the process of taking the country back to White minority rule for the benefit of all. 
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