Katie McHugh, recently fired for the crime of tweeting what everyone is thinking.

Breitbart, the once edgy anti-Muslim, anti-SJW news network, has been on a downward spiral since the election of Donald Trump. Back in February they even got Richard Spencer kicked out of CPAC, and now they have gone and fired their writer, the lovely Katie McHugh for stating the kind of obvious thing that almost everybody -- including liberals -- thinks in the wake of an Islamic terrorist outrage. 

Following the London Bridge terror attack, McHugh, keen to give her swarm of beta-orbiters a little red meat, tweeted out a rather mild conditional fact, namley "There would be no deadly terror attacks in the U.K. if Muslims didn't live there." Remember, this was in the immediate aftermath of an attack in which people had literally been hacked to death with kebab knives. Quite restrained I would say.

When a man of South Asian appearance (Iranian actually) tweeted at her "You're a moron," Katie shot back with "You're an Indian," a word that is not usually thought of as a searing racial expletive in the same league as "wog," "curry muncher," "elephant jockey," "buttonhead," and "Gunga Din," none of which are particularly bad, although "wog" does sound a little bit shitty. 

So, for stating a simple conditional and using a word that was not even an insult, Breitbart went full cucktard and fired McHugh. 

This is exactly the kind of thing you would expect from CNN or Fox News, which is why everybody hates those networks and why Breitbart started to rise as an alternative. But if they are going to go full-SJW on their reporters for harmless tweets like this, is there even any point to Breitbart? Obviously not. 

What makes McHugh's firing even stranger is that in the past she has made comments that were much more shocking than the ones she was fired for. For example, she once tweeted, "Mexicans wrecked Mexico & think invading the USA will magically cure them of their retarded dysfunction. LOL." 

Now, that is obviously a lot worse -- from a pearl-clutching, SJW, safe space point of view -- than a conditional fact relating to the place of residence of a certain religious community. Mexicans, remember, whatever their faults, are not running around chopping up people and blowing themselves up at pop concerts.

Breitbart is cool with nasty remarks about Mexicans, but shits itself when the same journalist makes a rather mild comment about Muslims. How interesting! Is this because Mexicans don't do jihad, and are we to conclude that Breitbart is now cucking to Muslims 24-7?

Really, Andrew Breitbart must be spinning in his grave.

Unless McHugh is immediately reinstated with double pay, Breitbart is as dead as its founder.

The ghost of Andrew Breitbart: "Guys, you're doing it wrong."
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  1. Yes, I had been thinking that Breitbart’s edge has been turned. Needs application of a steel.

  2. 90% of ALL media is run by the CIA. 'Nuff said