After his recent election as French President, Emmanuel Macron now looks like securing a massive landslide victory in the French parliamentary elections. 

Macron's new parliamentary party, La République en Marche (Republic on the Move), which didn't even exist a few weeks ago, and its MoDem ally are expected to win as many as 445 seats in the 577-seat National Assembly. This is based on projections after the first round of voting. The second round of voting will be next Sunday.

With turnout sharply down on the 2012 election, from 57.2% to 48.7%, Macron's LREM and MoDem won 32.3% of the vote, the centre-right Republicans got 21.5%, while civic nationalists the Front National slumped to 13.2%. 

Because of the peculiarities of the French electoral system, this 32% of a low turnout is expected to give Macron 77% of the seats in the French Parliament, making it easy for him to drive through his so-called "big bang" economic reforms.

This result represents levels of cucking by the French voter that should not even be possible, as Macron represents a new low in electoral politics, combining the worst aspects of Leftism and Neo-Liberalism in one glib, sleek package. 

From the Left he takes the usual Cultural Marxism and cucking on race and immigration, but drops economic protectionism and workers' rights. From the Neo-Liberalist side he takes the globalism and deregulation, but drops respect for law and order, managerial competency, and a belief in individual freedom.

Macron's declared priorities are to slash government spending, cut the number of public servants by 120,000, take away worker protections, reduce state pensions, and cut taxes for big corporations. 

He will also seek greater cooperation with Germany and the EU, be more anti-Russian, and push fake climate-change narratives to appear "progressive," while destroying the working class. Life, it seems, is about to get a lot harder for many French people. That could be exactly what is needed for the French to wake up. Macron could be the unwitting catalyst. 
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