In the latest bit of juicy infighting here in the Alt-Right, Daniel Friberg, the head honcho of intellectual (but fashy) book publisher Arktos has been defriended on Facebook by Greg Johnson, the mysterious "voice without a face" who runs the fashy (but intellectual) Counter-Currents webzine and book publisher. 

The defriending follows weeks of behind-the-scenes bickering and accusations that Johnson had been bad-mouthing Friberg behind his back. 

In an attempt to clear the air, Friberg who lives in Budapest, Hungary, heard that Johnson was in town on a low-profile speaking tour, and cordially invited him to have a face-to-face meeting, posting the following message on Facebook:
Hey Greg Johnson, you have been attacking my character publicly and behind my back for close to a year now. Considering we're neighbors here in Budapest, how about I buy you a latte at Starbucks; you can say all these things to my face. What do you think?"
Johnson has now defriended Friberg and has failed to reply to this generous invitation. 

In addition to the issue directly addressed, the controversy has also raised the other issues of Johnson's identity and why he refuses to show his face in public. 

A number of interesting theories are floating around the Alt-Right-o-Sphere, none of which we can confirm, but which we reproduce here merely as evidence of the kinds of things that people say.

One theory is that Johnson was scalped by Indians as a child for his golden locks, and is thus cruelly scarred and disfigured. He therefore lurks in the shadows like his role model the Phantom of the Opera.

Another is that his neighbour in San Francisco was once attacked by antifa looking for Johnson, and that the experience so terrified him that he decided to never to show his face ever again (and buy a fierce guard dog).

Yet another theory centers on his alleged homosexuality, saying that he is unwilling to have his face out there, as it would interfere with his cruising lifestyle in the many gay clubs that he is rumored to visit. 

But perhaps the most interesting theory is that Greg Johnson is a weird doppelganger of Richard Spencer, rather in the manner of Oscar Wilde's "Portrait of Dorian Gray." 

According to this obviously outlandish but as yet undisproved theory, Johnson was created many years ago when a young Richard Spencer decided to risk eternal damnation by going all fashy. 

But, as Spencer ventured ever deeper into the "dark side" of Alt-Right politics, it was not he who became twisted, aged, withered, gay, and embittered by the dark forces he was channeling, but instead Johnson, whose once golden boyish looks have now been reduced to a gnarled monstrosity dragging around a flap of skin.

It is for this reason, reputedly, that he keeps himself locked up in an attic, emerging, only after applying heavy make up, to attend Counter-Currents events to sell the odd book or two.

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  1. What was the point of this exactly?

    1. Who cares? It's hilarious.

  2. Johnson is Spencer's doppelganger that escaped form theBlack Lodge.

  3. I'm shaking my head and mourn the loss of opportunity that was the Alt-Right. I have no clear idea of who did what to whom, but the infighting and petty efforts to stick it to the other guy who is just as committed as you, just as valuable, are childish, cringe-inducing and utterly pathetic.