An artist's comment on the crisis.
It seems that the Italians are fed up carrying the can in the migrant invasion of Europe, and are now threatening to stop foreign boats carrying migrants rescued in the Mediterranean Sea from docking in its ports. 

Alas, this is not an action aimed at protecting Mother Europe from further Africanization, but simply a guilt-tripping tactic by the Leftist government of Italy to spread the migrant load far and wide across other members of the EU. 

Maurizio Massari, Italy’s ambassador to the EU, reportedly told Dimitris Avramopoulos, the EU’s commissioner for migration, that Italy could no longer cope and needed more assistance from fellow member states. 
It’s unsustainable that all the vessels doing search and rescue operations are landing in Italy,” an Italian official told the Financial Times newspaper. “We could deny the landing of boats that are not flying Italian flags and are not part of EU missions.” 
Actually, Italy could easily cope if it simply told its navy to pick up any boatloads of migrants and dump them back where they belong --- namely on the African shore -- and then burnt the boats. In fact, a couple of weeks of that and the migrant "crisis" would be solved. The real crisis here, remember, is not migrants, it's cucky European leaders who refuse to serve the best interests of their people.
So far this year, more than 83,000 migrants have arrived in Italy by sea, up 29% on the same period last year, which was itself a record year with 181,000 arrivals in total. 

In recent days 10,000 migrants have been pulled out of the Mediterranean and transported directly to Italy. This has caused a political crisis in Italy, with Marco Minniti, the interior minister, suddenly turning back from a trip to Washington halfway at a fueling stop in Iceland, and returning to Rome to hold emergency talks with Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni

The main reason the Leftist Italian government is keen to spread the load is because its uber-cucking on the migrant question is leading to political setbacks. In municipal elections this month, a coalition of centre-right parties, including the Northern League and Forza Italia, made big gains under the slogan “stop the invasion.” 

Even the populist anti-politics Five Star Movement has become more right-wing on immigration. This is what the presence of large numbers of disoriented, rootless, and feral Africans does -- it red pills people.

Another boatload of red pills arrives in Europe.
Bringing migrants and so-called refugees to Europe is a failed policy that leads to increased rape, terrorism, and other crimes, as well as soaring welfare costs. But the worst effect is that it leads to the creation of ungovernable ghettos and long-term Africanization and Islamification of Europe. 

For those wanting to morally signal about the plight of the "poor refugees," bringing them to Europe is actually the most inefficient way to help them. For the same cost as looking after one migrant in Europe, you can look after 10-12 in Africa, where living costs are far cheaper. But even helping them there is just reinforcing failure.
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