In Africa it is generally agreed that the Apartheid system worked, with many prominent Africans lamenting its passing. Now, however, it seems that Apartheid could be making a comeback in an unlikely place -- Japan!

WTF?! I thought Japan was a monoracial monoculture. Why the heck would they need Apartheid? But apparently this isn't about separating humans from robots -- nobody wants THAT!!!

But, apparently, thanks to all the fapping to anime, birth rates have fallen so low that the population keeps falling, meaning that there will be less and less people for the robots to serve, forcing some Japanese to think the unthinkable and consider allowing more immigration.

One person who has thought about this is Ayako Sono, a government adviser and prominent conservative author. But unlike the West, where migrants are allowed to do as they like, Ms. Sono believes that there should be controls and has looked to Apartheid South Africa for inspiration. 

Recently she wrote that it was necessary for Japan to accept immigrants, mainly in order to care for the growing elderly population, but she has advised that they should live separately from the Japanese.
"Since I learned the situation in South Africa 20 to 30 years ago, I've come to believe whites, Asians and blacks should live separately," she wrote in her regular column in the conservative Sankei newspaper.
She also said that Black Africans had "ruined" areas previously reserved for whites in South Africa, and would do the same thing in Japan if allowed to live where they chose.
”Black people basically have a philosophy of large families. Therefore, they would bring their families into the apartment they bought. For whites and Asians, it was common sense for a couple and two children to live in one complex. But blacks ended up having 20 to 30 family members living there,” she wrote.
These accurate and common sense statements have inevitably provoked a backlash, but not from Japanese people. The South African ambassador to Japan, Mohau Pheko, who is well-known for lying about her academic credentials, wrote to the Japan Times newspaper saying that Miss Sono's proposal was "shameful and extravagant," and that it "tolerated and glorified apartheid."
Ms. Pheko, not a suitable subject for anime.
The Sankei Shimbun defended its decision to run Sono's article. 
"This is a regular column of Ayako Sono," a spokesman for the paper said. "We carried it as her own opinion. We believe it’s natural that various opinions exist."
Well, who is right and who is wrong? Ms. Sono or Ms. Pheko...? Mmmm, tricky one. Maybe some stats will help.

From these statistics, it is clear that Japan would be taking a major chance by allowing any Africans into the country. 

Possibly, they could limit migration to fellow North East Asians, who have a similar culture and IQ, but even that would be extremely difficult for a non-confrontational monoculture like Japan that prizes social harmony above all else. Also, one suspects that even a well-run Apartheid system with a shrinking Japanese ruling class at the top would eventually break down sometime, leading to the extinction of Japan and its unique race and culture.

It looks like Japan is caught between a rock and a hard place. Either they have to give up fapping to anime and restore birthrates to at least survival level, or else they may be forced to embark on the stormy seas of multiculturalism.
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  1. Ever increasing birthrates are only necessary when government fiscal policy is a ponzi scheme. Which it unfortunately is.....