The unsinkable Captain Corbyn?
With Britain voting in a General Election this Thursday (June 8th), it has been revealed that most Jews have abandoned the Labour Party, which until quite recently was the natural party of British Jews -- in fact its previous leader Ed Milliband was a Jew.

A poll released by the London Jewish Chronicle showed that 77% of British Jews were intending to vote for Theresa May's Conservative Party, with just 13% voting for the opposition Labour party. This percentage is the same number of Muslims who voted for Donald Trump in the recent US Presidential election. 

The Jewish exodus from the Labour Party has much to do with the fact that Labour has also become the party of choice for British Muslims, with Labour's London Mayor, Sadiq Khan being a prime example. 

Labour's Sadiq Khan taking care of London.
Present leader Jeremy Corbyn is also seen as particularly sympathetic to Muslims, including groups like Hamas and Hezbollah that are strongly opposed to Israel. In the poll 54% of Jews said they would be more likely to vote for Labour if Corbyn was not the leader. 

But, while Jews are deserting the party, Labour has been rising in the polls. Entering the recent election campaign over 20 points behind the Conservatives, Corbyn's party has broken the 40% mark in recent polls and closed the gap on May's party to around 5 points.

Whether Corbyn wins or loses the election, it looks like he has done well enough to secure his place as leader of the Labour Party for some time to come.
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