Commentators on the Alt Right all too often disparage countries like the UK or Sweden, and declare that everyone who lives there are cucks. But some of us Alt Righters would take a more nuanced approach to events in the Mother Continent.

At the weekend we witnessed another run-of-the-mill event of Islamic terrorism in London. But one thing that stood out to this observer was that ordinary Briton’s, the decent, upstanding, salt-of-the-earth types who you would willingly share a fox hole with still exist. 

The story of Roy Larner typifies the “British Bulldog” spirit that awakens in a crisis, no matter the odds -- even if the odds are three knife-wielding Mohammedans against one resolute, unarmed Brit. 

The attackers who used large kebab knives and pretended to have bombs.

Larner described how the three Islamic terrorists started shouting Islamic chants: 
"Like an idiot I shouted back at them. I thought, "I need to take the piss out of these bastards." I took a few steps towards them and said, 'F*** you, I'm Millwall,' So they started attacking me."
For those of us in the ‘football know’ it was understandable that resistance would come from a Millwall football fan, a team whose support has a "certain reputation" for hooliganism and not giving a toss for political correctness.    

Millwall fans embellished their reputation for football violence as far back as 1906 in a match against local East End of London rivals West Ham United. The reputation of the Millwall “Bushwackers” firm in the modern age would take off in the 1960s when a hand grenade was thrown onto the pitch. The Kenilworth Road riot in 1985, the Birmingham playoff riot in 2002, the Upton Park riot in 2009 and the various other sporadic incidents have further added to their reputation as one of the top four Football hooligan firms in the England. 

Indeed their fearsome reputation has even endeared them to Russian Ultras
“The Ruskis revealed their admiration for the Millwall fans, hailing them as “truly British hooligans, not the singing clowns."
So there you have it gaslighting has it limits, not everyone is ‘pozed’ or ‘cucked,’ and despite all the media reports to the contrary, native Britons and by extension Europeans, are up for a fight!

As Millwall FC, in the person of "Battling" Roy Larner, is the football club that stood up for Britain in the latest "multicultural emergency," the question arises what team do the terrorists support? 

A picture of one of the dead attackers showed him wearing an Arsenal FC away strip. This is not surprising, as Arsenal is popular with Londoners who see themselves as more "multicultural" than average, and often attracts non-White and Muslim support, as signalled by their home ground, "The Emirates Stadium," hardly a suitable name for an English club. 

The name "Arsenal," originally deriving from a storage depot for weapons, must also resonate strongly with jihadis, who in this case had to make do with a regular hire van and large kebab knives to commit their atocity, which would have been a lot worse without the brave intervention of Roy Larner. 

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  1. Simon in London11 June 2017 at 01:22

    I often drink on Borough High Street, there is a large white working class presence it was not a particularly smart target for Jihadis seeking a Bataclan-style mass killing. The British white working class absolutely will still fight to defend themselves and others under attack. Smart Jihadis choose young middle class targets, these ones may have been under some misapprehension about the night time demographics of the area - - it mixes the trendy and the uncucked.