Rioting multi-racial mob inside Kensington Town Hall
The fire at the Grenfell Tower residential block in London, with a death toll expected to climb into the hundreds, is being used by left-wing troublemakers to stir up social and racial tensions in London with a view to causing riots and unleashing chaos.

The hard-left, including Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, have latched onto the disaster -- in which mainly Third World immigrants died after an Ethiopian's fridge burst into flames just after midnight -- to attack the government for what they describe as negligence. 

The real negligence in this case was by governments, both Labour and Conservative in the past, in allowing large parts of London to become a multiracial mess, overcrowded with Third World immigrants, and then giving them complex technology to fridges!

The Left, of course, don't give a flying f**k about Third World migrants being fried in a giant burning inferno, but can see the potential of using the disaster to stoke up the passions of London's imported underclass to create riots and chaos that they hope will destabilise the weak minority government of Prime Minister Theresa May and lead to a hard-Left Corbyn government. 

The storming of the Kensington Town Hall by a non-White mob on Friday (16th June) is just a foretaste of what is to be expected over the coming weeks, as the Left, in conjunction with radical Muslims, politicise every pathetic little piece of this sordid tragedy and use it to justify crimes against public order. 

The mob barged into the building, causing damage and fighting with security staff. 

A separate march of around 1400 people, many of them with placards printed up by the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party, marched through central London in a deliberate attempt to cause traffic chaos. 
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