Don't make a (g)ass of yourself. 

The problem with the "demonization" of chemical weapons is that it gives governments a fake reason, whenever they want it, to justify an act of war for real reasons that they can't admit to their voters. Red lines can be drawn, a low threshold created, and then gas attacks can easily be staged or alleged as required. 

This is why you are now hearing a lot of stories about Assad "preparing to gas his people."

How very, very convenient! Especially if you want to bomb the shit out of him but can't tell the American people the real reasons.

Oh, look, here's a nice picture to get you in the mood.

This is from the Guardian article linked above.

For all I know, it could be a scene from a gay club, with some backdoor cowboy getting his nightly dose of amyl nitrate to get the action swinging. But apparently it's just someone gassing himself in sympathy with the supposed future victims of the almost definitely certainly coming Syrian gas attack, which will be carried out by President Assad (President Gassad, geddit!?!) specifically to kill children and kittens.
Are you prepared to let this happen?
So, what's really going on here? A quick visit to SyriaLiveMap will give you a much better picture of events in Syria than our incompetent and extremely compromised mainstream media (so cancel your cable subscriptions NOW!).

In recent days, Assad's forces have been making enormous gains and have basically defeated the US strategy, which was to keep the part of Syria controlled by Assad's forces bottled up by proxy armies in the West of the country. 

The reason for this was to break the all-important "Shia Corridor" leading from Iran to the Hezbollah camps in Lebanon, next to Israel's borders. This corridor of territory runs through Shia Iraq and Syria.

For the last few years the Corridor has been broken by the rise of ISIS. But now ISIS has become too toxic, so the US and its allies have been forced to drop it and are trying to find new proxies to take over the important role that ISIS formerly filled in US strategy. They have had some success with the largely Kurdish forces in the North of the country, but in the South it has been much harder.

This, combined with ISIS's slow collapse has created a power vacuum, allowing Assad's forces to make enormous gains in recent days. 

As this map shows, they are now advancing across the desert to the Eastern part of Syria to link up with some garrisons that have been besieged by ISIS for years. 

The US set up a base at Al-Tanf (shown on the map by the star) ostensibly to help arm and train "good guy" Syrian rebel forces to fight ISIS.
"Good guy" Syrian rebel is not like the other rebels.
But the real reason for the base was to block the Baghdad-to-Damascus highway in an attempt to keep the Assad government isolated. 

When Syrian and Iranian forces advanced down this highway a few weeks ago, they were blown to pieces by US air power. But the Syrians and their allies have now responded to this by simply outflanking the US position and reaching the Iraq border elsewhere. 

Once a few ISIS stragglers have been cleared up, the "Shiite Corridor" will be strongly reestablished, signifying the defeat of long-term US (and Israeli) strategy. 

There is really not much that can change this, but some psychopaths in the Pentagon think that just maybe if they could get permission to bomb Syrian a lot more, then something might possibly change. 

But even if it didn't that wouldn't be so bad either, as it would still have boosted military ordinance sales for the US military industrial complex. So, pretty much a win-win.

But how do you explain all these wonderful benefits to the benighted masses? Well, you don't. You just yell "gas attack" and put up some images of dead children and eagles crying with the Stars and Stripes flying. Then send off some more million dollar missiles. 

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  1. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that, once again, it's all about I$rael.