Like a scene from Stanley Kubrick's Cold War classic movie "Dr. Strangelove," the US has deployed all types of its nuclear strategic bombers to Britain. This follows rising tensions with Russia, caused by continuing Leftist and Deep State attempts to smear President Trump as a "tool" of Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to destabilize and control him.

This campaign, which threatens to drive a wedge between Trump and naive Conservative elements in the Republican Party, has pushed the President into taking an ever harder line against Russia. 

Many voted for him because they believed he would greatly improve relations with Russia, but this has clearly upset important vested interests who view rising tensions with Russia as essential to their business and other interests.

Two B-2 stealth bombers arrived at the RAF Fairford base, along with three B-25 Stratofortresses and three B-1 Lancers. Although it is unlikely that they would ever be used, even in the event of a war with Russia, the Cold War symbolism is unmistakable, as is the challenge to Russia.

But rather than sending out a signal of strength, the deployment tells the Russians that America is a weak state, divided by cliques and cabals with poisonous words being whispered in the ear of an increasingly weak and docile President.

The deployment also makes Britain look weak. In the same month that Brexit negotiations are scheduled to start -- part of a process designed to secure the independence of the UK -- this deployment effectively reduces the country to "Airstrip One" status. 

Rather than becoming the sovereign nation of Brexit fantasy, we see the UK used instead as a subservient launchpad for American global imperialism, and a target for any nation or group wishing to strike back.

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