This is Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn responding to the news that a terrorist had blown himself up at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, killing 22 people, mainly young girls. The man is clearly grief stricken and copes with his grief by resorting to hysterical manic laughter. A psychologist could easily explain this to you.

Now here he is, equally distraught, hearing about the tragic news from the London Bridge terrorist attack where people -- 7 people -- were killed with vans and knives. You've heard of tears of joy, well this is probably the opposite, okay m8?

Finally, here is "Jezza al-Kufar," as he is affectionately known by Britain's growing Muslim community, responding to the attack on mosque-goers in Finsbury Park, in which one Muslim died and a White van got a parking ticket. He is literally staunching the tears with his thumb. What a man! What a heart! What a Prime Minister he would make!
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