Brave British woman doing her bit to turn back the invading tide.
Britain may not yet be ready to deal with its human invasion problem -- at present over 500,000 foreigners flood in every year, irrevocably changing the nature of the country -- but it is at least getting serious about invasive animal species. 

Recently a campaign of "specieal cleansing" was launched against one of the country's biggest invaders, the American grey squirrel, with a call for 5,000 volunteers to go around the country shooting, trapping, and bludgeoning the invaders to death. 

The invader
This army of genocidal maniacs is being assembled by Red Squirrels United, a new campaign supported by dozens of conservation groups and £3 million ($4.5 million) from the National Lottery Fund. There is also some money from the EU, even though Britain decided to pull out of the EU, ironically because of the way it promoted replacement of the native human population through mass immigration.

Since the 1920s, grey squirrels released into the wild have been expanding their territory at the cost of the native red squirrel. Some of you may think, "So what, the American grey is just racially superior. Survival of the fittest, bro." 

But this is not the case. The reason that greys displace reds is simply because they carry a vile disease -- squirrelpox -- but don't suffer from the deadly symptoms which cause swollen ulcers to break out on the faces of the squirrels and prevent them from feeding, causing them to starve within a week.

Actually, the red squirrel is racially superior because it looks a lot cuter and so is attracting increasing support from volunteers as revealed in this article from the Guardian:
"Beside a banner declaring 'I’m nuts about reds!,' a series of scientists and conservationists gave PowerPoint presentations to describe their plans to halt the march of the greys, featuring military-style maps of marching grey dots, and punctuated with battle metaphors (defending red “strongholds”). The audience was comprised of passionate volunteers, gentle, fleece-wearing charity workers and tweedy representatives of big landowners, who hate the grey squirrel because of the damage it does to their valuable plantations. “It’s absolutely wonderful to come here and talk about controlling greys,” announced Andrew Kendal of the European Squirrel Initiative, which is funded by landowners and lobbies the EU. 'Fifteen years ago, it was virtually taboo.' I learned about growing propaganda efforts on behalf of the red squirrel – Ulster Wildlife Trust is developing a new children’s book called The Greedy Grey"
It is hard not to see parallels in all this with the genocidal history of mankind, with events like the Holodomor, the Holocaust, and the repeated expulsions of Jews from practically every European country for no reason whatsoever. 
The spread of the grey menace.
There is even a squirrel version of the legendary gas chamber – a new trap that automatically kills the grey squirrel caught inside. 

If British people can do this with squirrels, how long before they start thinking along the same lines with the many invasive races who have colonized the already crowded island and pushed out its native population in many areas? 

For this reason, instead of shooting and bludgeoning the grey squirrels, who are actually innocent and merely seeking a better life for their children, we advocate voting out the politicians who have tolerated their increase for too long. Noticeably, both the Conservative and Labour Party manifestos for the forthcoming general election had nothing to say about restoring the rights of red squirrels to their ancestral forests.

We also advocate peacefully trapping the greys by using nuts, and then offering them financial incentives to relocate back to their native North America... If that doesn't work, then, of course, KILL THEM ALL!!!! in the name of Squirrel Nutkin and Beatrix Potter.

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  1. God here in Hawaii we in a state of endless state genocidal war with all the vile invasives. Trees, toads, snails, deer and on and on. The one group of invasives tho that is given a free pass are the human microbes i.e. the Micronesians and other related PIers Pacific Islanders.

  2. In the American colonies, governors put a bounty on Native American scalps. You could make $60 by killing a Native America. Look up the story of Hannah Duston. She's a true American hero.