Most people think that it's just the Muslims who are responsible for the migrant "rape wave" that is sweeping across the face of Europe like a disgusting bukkake tsunami. That's just unfair.

It's easy to see how that impression was created, with stories like THIS and THIS and THIS. But discredit where it's due. It's not just down to Muslims, as this new story from Germany shows:

A tearful woman broke down in court in Germany as she alleged that three asylum seekers raped her a total of nine times when she was ambushed at a town fair. The alleged attack in August 2016 left the 28-year-old Hungarian victim 'shattered,' she told a court in Mühlhausen. Her mobile phone was stolen and the men used it to film their brutal assault which included kicking and punching her and dragging her by her hair, she claims."
One of the accused.
The three assailants were all Ethiopians, from a largely Christian country, and going by their names -- Medhanie A. (age 29), Isaak N. (age 23), and Dawit T. (age 22) -- they were not Muslims, even though the details of the rape make it sound a bit like some of the rapes committed by Muslims -- that whole sort of "sloppy seconds" vibe, I mean you can tell that hygiene has never been a thing in the countries where they are from:
"The woman said she was forced to have unprotected oral, vaginal and anal sex with three Ethiopian men who she identified in court, The Local reports. She claimed the men took it in turns to rape her, sometimes acting as a group, and sometimes individually. The State Court in Mühlhausen heard how one of the three accused, Isaak N., 23, approached victim Laura G. as she made her way home from the fair. She told the court that he grabbed her by the arm and said; 'We are going to have sex now.' When she tried to run he grabbed her, slapped her to the ground and proceeded to pull her trousers down. She managed to get to her feet and run - only into the arms of accomplices Medhanie A., 29, and David T., 22. 'The victim was then dragged under a viaduct, her mouth kept shut in order to silence her cries,' said the prosecution."
While this is a tragic case, there are a couple of points even more tragic that I should leave you with. 

First, this is an open and shut case. The assailants were caught the next day, and DNA from two of them matched DNA collected by police. Basically they wouldn't even be bothering to hold this trial if the rapists had hid their tracks a bit better. Also, the sentence is probably going to be comparatively light on the grounds of the migrants not fully understanding German culture or something. 

Secondly, a lot of White women travel thousands of miles to get treated exactly like this by African men, as this story shows

Something really needs to change. 
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