The "Rainbow of Hope" makes a belated appearance.
As London's population continues to change to a mish-mash of Third World peoples, it is starting to have the same problems as other Third World cities. 

The massive fire that tore through a residential tower block the other day is the sort of thing you would expect in a place like Bangladesh or Colombia. As is the death toll, which is expected to rise far in excess of the 16 or 17 now being reported. In fact, add a zero and then a few more. In fact the fire investigators will be bringing in specially trained dogs to sniff for charred human remains in a process that is expected to take months.

From media reports it is clear that very few of the victims were native British, although practically all the firemen who turned up were. Just wait till Mayor Khan gets round to having that fine body of men "diversified" and "enriched" to reflect the population of London, and then see what that does to fire-fighting effectiveness.

It seems that the building was being used as a kind of dumping ground for residents on social housing, even though it is located in the affluent Nottinghill Gate area.

A malfunctioning fridge has been mentioned as the cause of the fire, with recent renovation work being blamed for helping the fire to spread so rapidly. 

Apparently the cladding, fixed to the exterior of the 24-floor building in 2016 to improve its appearance, proved to be highly flammable and also helped create a "wind tunnel effect" around the building, causing the fire to spread extremely rapidly. At least that's what they are telling us.
Ballardian nightmare.
An overcrowded building with shoddy renovation burnt to a crisp. Where exactly in the world is this again? Jakarta or Nairobi? No, bang in the middle of London.

Journalist Katie Hopkins, after visiting the site and speaking to locals, said that the word on the street was that around 200 are feared dead.

This is not a surprising number. With 600+ people officially living in the building when the fire broke out just after midnight, and with the fire brigade telling everyone to stay indoors to prevent a dangerous stampede, it seems like a reasonable estimate.

Many people when they first heard about the fire immediately suspected that it was a terrorist attack or at least terrorist related -- perhaps an ISIS bomb factory going off a bit prematurely or something. 

That would definitely help explain the suspicious speed with which the fire spread. We have no way of knowing what the true story is yet, but even if such theories are true, the British government, with its track record of lying to the public, would be keen to blame something else, like faulty cladding or bad insulation.

One reason for such a cover up, besides the usual one of preventing "Islamophobia," would be to avoid giving ideas to other Muslim terrorists looking for easy ways to attack soft targets. 

It may be too late for that. The burning of Grenfell Tower reveals yet another weak point of the West that terrorists or can attack. According to police and UK counter-intelligence, there are now as many as 23,000 suspected and potential jihadi terrorists on government watch lists. These Islamist radicals will have been watching the fire, and they will have been taking notes.

Cover ups and general dishonesty surrounding news events like this are to be increasingly expected. This is yet another symptom of a former First World city rapidly transforming itself into a Third World dump.

Missing residents.Maybe they just went home or something.
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