With all the results now declared in the UK election, Theresa May's Conservative Party has lost seats and no longer has a majority. There is a growing belief that she will now have to resign, with some Conservative MPs calling on her to "reconsider her position." 

The final results are:

Conservatives 313 seats (-12) 43% of the vote
Labour 262 seats (+30) 40% of the vote
SNP 35 seat (-21) 3% of the vote

Lib-Dems 12 seats (+4) 7% of the vote
Ulster Unionists 10 (+2) 1% of the vote
Sinn Fein
(+2) 1% of the vote

Labour won seats around the country, while the only bright spot for the Conservatives was Scotland, where they took several seats from the SNP.

The result pushes the UK into a period of great political uncertainty, and completely undermines the authority of Prime Minister Theresa May. 

Her poor performance on the campaign trail is blamed for the Conservative setback. Compared to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, she seemed "robotic," unnatural, and aloof. The odds are now rising of Foreign Secretary and BREXIT campaigner Boris Johnson replacing her within weeks.

The only possible way for the Conservatives to stay in government is to do a deal with the Ulster Unionists, who won ten seats. But that only gives them a wafer-thin majority that would prove highly unstable and fragile in face of the shocks and strains of the forthcoming BREXIT negotiations. While the Ulster Unionists support BREXIT, they favour a much softer version.

It is hard to believe that the parliament produced by this election can survive long. There is a high probability that we will see another election before too long, an election that nobody wants.
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